Sunday, July 20, 2008


I have this beautiful sense of peace.  No matter what no matter where, I feel at peace.  God does have a love for Kel and I,  and we want to be at the center of his will.  No matter what this next week, month, year brings, I feel as though this last year has brought us so much closer to all that need to be at the foundation.  I feel as though we are building this firm foundation, that the start we have had or will continue to have in this last year will be the cornerstone to a life spent seeking Gods will for us.  

We all want to see around the next corner, we all live with a desire to know that it's safe, that nothing bad awaits us around the next bend.  None of us get that, so our lives are defined in the grace we have living in the uncertainty of it all.  

Grace & Peace.

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