Sunday, June 29, 2008


This is way too cool, it is going in my office for suresies.  Thanks for the link!

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This week has been such a struggle for me, I hate struggling weeks. Sometimes the gem of wisdom I come out with just doesn't seem worth it. This week it might, I am not sure yet. I found myself grieving my broken family again this week. It started while I was mowing and continued for a few days. This always leaves me question where I stand, what my role is, and always the question of WTF God? Why us, why me, why... blah. It's been a roller coaster week enhanced by the hormonal instability that only women can relate to. Oh Lord here I am again on Sunday Morning! I still want you to lead me and teach me, I always ever need grace and I am running hard after a healthier dose of faith and a meadow of peace to sit and have a picnic in.

I took Kel out on a "Kel date" last night, we had pizza at Donatos and then he picked out a video game that looked like fun and we played it together. He's been through it with me this week like the amazing travel companion that he is.

Beautiful. And now it's time for waffles.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Resting in a dirty house

There is a piece of construction paper on the floor
I will confess to no man or woman the date of the last time I cleaned the toilet
I need to change the sheets on our bed
I need to vacuum and then some

But here I sit on the couch, resting.  Enjoying the bliss of this moment and digesting the 3 course italian dinner I recently enjoyed.  I will soon turn off the tv and read a book or two.  The scenery is not perfect but I am learning to rest in it.  This is an inside job as well.  I have a mess inside, still.  After 26 years I still have scars that ooze from time to time.  And this is also okay.  I am striving and I am working to heal, I am moving forward.  God sends me partners to encourage me on the journey.  I will vacuum the cobwebs out, and I might have to do it again.  I am taking one baby step at a time to really believe that I truly am loved. really.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Here I go again!

I must figure out how man states I have been in this year so far.  So here goes airport layovers count I do believe.

Started out the year in      Michigan
Drove back through          Ohio
And                                      Indiana
to get back home to          Kentucky
Drove to                             Florida
Through                             Tennessee
And                                     Alabama
Flew through                    Wisconsin
Flew to                               Texas
Via                                       Illinois
On my way to                    Oklahoma
Through                             Georgia

I think 12 states is pretty decent considering it's just barely June.  We are off again tomorrow evening to attend a wedding in Oklahoma, crazy!  I don't think I will visit any other new states this year.  And Wisconsin definitely counts if you realize how much time I spent in that friggin airport.

I am ready to let my lil green suitcases cool off and stay home for a while, but all are more than welcome to come to Casa La Penny for a stay.

I need to sleep before trip #7 of the year.  If you're keeping track that's more than 1 per month.  Oiy!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Just journeying

I love the journey.  I truly do.  Right now I am sitting in my incredibly clean house watching Elizabethtown.  I love this movie probably because it sort of centers around the death of the main character's father and well, that's been a part of mine & Kel's journey.  

I spent the weekend at my Best Friend's Wedding, it was an amazing day.  I think that it was one of the most memorable days of my life.  I am blessed to have been the one to stand beside them.  I can't wait for her to come back from Hawaii so we can just be wives together, from a distance.  I really am starting to to enjoy Kentucky for the most part, but I miss Michigan and all those who are there.  My heart swells for the people in my life.  My thoughts are often about people, people are where my passion lies and then some.  

This is my favorite scene of the movie.  Chuck and Cindy "The Wedding". 
"Death and life, Life and Death!  Right next door to each other!??!  It's like there's a hair between them!"

Maybe I will just put some music on and lay on the floor in the middle of my living room until Kel comes home from work.  It's an option.  I hate Cicadas and I want them all to die and go away, they are the spawn of the devil in both the way they look and the noises they make... dang them.  

So my main prayer request of the moment would be contentment, contentment to be here, to be where we are financially, to be traveling so much this summer.  To be alone, when I am alone, to simply realize that I'm never alone.  

Today I feel alone.

I am glad tomorrow is Sunday.

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