Sunday, June 29, 2008

This week has been such a struggle for me, I hate struggling weeks. Sometimes the gem of wisdom I come out with just doesn't seem worth it. This week it might, I am not sure yet. I found myself grieving my broken family again this week. It started while I was mowing and continued for a few days. This always leaves me question where I stand, what my role is, and always the question of WTF God? Why us, why me, why... blah. It's been a roller coaster week enhanced by the hormonal instability that only women can relate to. Oh Lord here I am again on Sunday Morning! I still want you to lead me and teach me, I always ever need grace and I am running hard after a healthier dose of faith and a meadow of peace to sit and have a picnic in.

I took Kel out on a "Kel date" last night, we had pizza at Donatos and then he picked out a video game that looked like fun and we played it together. He's been through it with me this week like the amazing travel companion that he is.

Beautiful. And now it's time for waffles.

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Chris Symes said...

I hope that you're waffles turned out alright. 'Waffles' is a metaphor for more than just waffles.

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