Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Here I go again!

I must figure out how man states I have been in this year so far.  So here goes airport layovers count I do believe.

Started out the year in      Michigan
Drove back through          Ohio
And                                      Indiana
to get back home to          Kentucky
Drove to                             Florida
Through                             Tennessee
And                                     Alabama
Flew through                    Wisconsin
Flew to                               Texas
Via                                       Illinois
On my way to                    Oklahoma
Through                             Georgia

I think 12 states is pretty decent considering it's just barely June.  We are off again tomorrow evening to attend a wedding in Oklahoma, crazy!  I don't think I will visit any other new states this year.  And Wisconsin definitely counts if you realize how much time I spent in that friggin airport.

I am ready to let my lil green suitcases cool off and stay home for a while, but all are more than welcome to come to Casa La Penny for a stay.

I need to sleep before trip #7 of the year.  If you're keeping track that's more than 1 per month.  Oiy!

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