Saturday, June 21, 2008

Resting in a dirty house

There is a piece of construction paper on the floor
I will confess to no man or woman the date of the last time I cleaned the toilet
I need to change the sheets on our bed
I need to vacuum and then some

But here I sit on the couch, resting.  Enjoying the bliss of this moment and digesting the 3 course italian dinner I recently enjoyed.  I will soon turn off the tv and read a book or two.  The scenery is not perfect but I am learning to rest in it.  This is an inside job as well.  I have a mess inside, still.  After 26 years I still have scars that ooze from time to time.  And this is also okay.  I am striving and I am working to heal, I am moving forward.  God sends me partners to encourage me on the journey.  I will vacuum the cobwebs out, and I might have to do it again.  I am taking one baby step at a time to really believe that I truly am loved. really.

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