Monday, October 20, 2008

Oh It's all new.

Well it's all new, everything. I had this thought as I was folding clothes today, no more uniforms for either of us. That's quite nice. Kel can wear whatever he wants to work, and he does. I started today at the bank and most of my clothes are perfectly perfect for the job. I start training at the WalMart branch tomorrow. That won't be permanent, I'll be at a new branch as soon as it opens which will be nice since I hate WalMart and working there forevers would be... suckity.

Our house will be ready on November 14, I can't wait until it's ready, there will be so much to do when we get in. Decorating and landscaping (next spring though) and all sorts of other things.

And for those who don't already know, I am pregnant and expecting a bebe, who we call bebe next spring... probably like June 1. I have my first visit to the doctor on Nov 3, it was supposed to be this Thurs but insurance doesn't click in until Nov 1 so, Nov 3 it is!

Things are alright right now, I just feel inbetween with the house thing, but that's minimal.

We had a fantastic weekend with the Hensons, I love them, they are simply wonderful. I feel at home when I am over there and it's just such a peaceful reflaxing breeze. This weekend was also Kel's birthday and it was wonderful to be with friends and family over tasty food, when tasty food feels good in my tummy, and it doesn't always feel that way.

Well that is my random update.

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Melanie said...

Wow congratulations!! I can't wait to meet my future niece or nephew.

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