Monday, March 16, 2009


I have heartburn right now, I had to throw that out there before I get started. I have heartburn and I am not a huge fan. Also I am out of tums... boo.

The older you get the less you need. I mean who can figure out what to get their parents for Christmas let alone their Grandparents? I need less today than I did a year ago. This may seem ironic due to all the baby supplies that really are needed in the Penny household but a wave of simplicity has overtaken me. I love simplicity. I love simple flavors and clean lines. I like having less things to dust, never been a fan of the kick knack. I have willow tree figurines (3 of them and I have one twice ironically) Anyway Kel and I have been giving up 40% of our grocery budget for lent and we have still managed to eat fine and even healthy. We are not going out to eat, and we don't have the TV on. Instead a snapshot of our lives looks like Kel working on the Nursery while I sit here heartburning and blogging in the dark with our puppy Bella snuggling and falling off my lap. There is less lap room as I get pregnanter... poor puppy :-)

I am so happy right now. I really like I am under the tutor-ship of my God, who is shaping me to be... something... which I am totally excited about. I am clearly being shaped into a mother. I pray daily that God will prepare me to be the example she will need me to be. That she will see my faith that God will provide, that she will see the romance between Kel and I, that she will want to wear shoes like me, and walk like me, at least before and after she is a teenager.. I am still a realist don't worry :-)

Ooh, on that note I just heard a bang crash in the nursery which merits investigation.

I miss you friend from across the country. I would hug you and share a ... treat of some sort with you now if I could... Brusters if you are Danessa, Coffee if you are most everyone else, or just a board game and a brownie...

Goodnight. Peace of Christ to you.

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Kel Penny said...

Beautiful, just like the author. I loved the part about the puppy getting less lap room as you got more pregnant, made me smile a ton

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