Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunny Sunday Morning

I am trying to figure out if there is really anything new and worthy to write about or I am just up with the sun and feel like blogging. I am one of those morning people, I am unable to sleep in for the most part. Although this morning I think I could have but I woke up with a cough and have continued to cough since that lovely moment of awakening. Which is sad because the bed was warm and the puppy was snuggling with me and I was so comfy, but I didn't want to continuously disturb the peaceful ambiance with my hacking. So I got up and ate bran cereal with bananas on top.

Yesterday was a productive day indeed. We got a lot done and then I crashed on the couch. I have been sick all week and I overdid it, promptly followed by an evening of what I would call underdoing it. But today is still Sunday and there is no pressure to be up to anyone's standards. I would still like to grab some cough drops and head to church, I really love my church.

So I don't feel right entering Holy Week. I feel like it snuck up on me, I feel like my heart isn't ready. I never feel like I feel it enough to be worthy of what it's all about. Its gets lost in the busy-ness of what we are gearing up for or coming down from or just plodding along with. And then it sneaks up and surprises me with it's reality and I worry that I just don't give it the heart space that it is due. If you think about Jelly Beans more than Jesus, we have a problem folks. Not that I do but I wouldn't put it past me.

Also no one is having Easter dinner, that is strange to me. Last year when that was the case I made it for some friends in KY but here I figure everyone has an easter dinner place to be. And by dinner I of course mean sunday dinner which is a big meal centered around a big piece of shared meat served in the early afternoon. I'm game if you are.

I need a shower and I suspect the steam will feel lovely on my throat.

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