Monday, June 20, 2011

Gets em every time

A short post about squirrels

In my family we have a pretty funny anecdote about squirrels crossing the road. It basically goes like this: "Indecision, it gets em every time." My Aunt Betsy brought it back to the front of my mind last week. If you have ever seen a squirrel crossing the road you know that they are skittish, they approach the road and take a few steps back, you never really know if they're going for it or if they're going to chicken out. As the oncoming driver you want to cut them a break but you don't know what they're up to, are they going for it or aren't they? Hence the phrase: "Indecision, gets em every time."

I have really taken some personal wisdom from this idea lately. I think so many of us, myself included, squirrel around the side of the road, indecisive as to where we are going. We can't commit to the path that we know in our hearts we want to take and the enemy does a great job at keeping us distracted by what is going on around us. And if we are distracted running circles we aren't paying attention to the oncoming traffic and bam! life hits us like the bald tires of a Chevy Cavalier.

So I suppose what I take from this lesson is this. If there is a road that you need to cross, decide to cross it, educate yourself about the best way to the other side and then set your eyes on the opposite curb like your life depends on it. Life gives us a lot of roads to cross. There may be a relationship that needs fixing, a discipline you need to pick up, or heck I think each day is a road that needs crossing.

So it's a Monday morning, start the day and week off right by figuring out what the other side of your road is, figuring out how to reach the other curb and then run your little squirrely paws like there is no tomorrow. Because you don't want to be the squirrel for whom there isn't a tomorrow, metaphorically speaking that is.

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