Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sad Day

Today was beautifully sad. I left my job today, my first big girl job. Or what I felt was my first big girl job. I had an office, I had business cards, I had a list of things to do each day that for the most part I really enjoyed. Most of all however, I had people that I really loved to work with. Barb, Tammy, Tammy, Julia and Meghan all became my support group over the last year or less. In a Kentucky where I felt lonely a lot of the time there was this amazing group of women I got to work with, learn from and laugh with.

We all cried today, because separation is hard, bonds that are strengthened obviously don't want to be severed. I loved my spot because I had one, it was mine and I owned it with all the reality I could throw at it, I gave it my heart, my wit, my smiles, it was my spot.

Now I am inbetween spots, tomorrow I am sleeping in Memphis. Right now I am still in Wilmore but my spot (my house) is a crazy mine field of boxes, rubbermade tubs, and the sight of things still to be done. And to top it off somehow a moth has gotten in. Great. All I need is a moth.

I know that great things await around the corner, and someday soon and very soon I will have positive blogs to write. (damn moth) But for now may I just say, I am tired of being transitional, transplanted, and trans.... ported.

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johnandjill said...

I hope your move is going well, Leanne. I know being in transition is so hard. Sometimes what helps me is to remember that when I'm finally "planted" somewhere more permanent, I will have a joy others won't know- so will you. The harder the trial the greater the joy when it is over. Soon!

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