Friday, September 26, 2008

We have arrived

Well we made it to Ada, Oklahoma. Ironically we are not in Ada right now but in Norman for the unveiling of the new Wesley Foundation Wing, but we will be back tomorrow. Life is full of crazy changes and my house is overwhelming full of boxes and crumpled up newspaper that is out of control like a whole bunch of fluffy gray rabbits overtaking our house. I'm trying to corral them, with some but little success.

Our new house is so big, so much more house than we need or should be heating/cooling. Please do not misunderstand I am so thankful for those who have blessed us with a dry and comfortable place to live but it does not feel like a Leanne and Kel house, and since it's somewhat temporary it won't because I won't do too much to make it so. So I am in limbo and trying desperately to make peace with it. I think I will manage. Ada is also a small town and I prefer a metro type area, but I am trying to make peace with that too. We have a lot to figure out, a lot a lot.

So there is your update, boxes and limbo with small glimmers of hope on the horizon.

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