Friday, June 12, 2009

First Friday Family Night

Well hey there from the middle of Friday night family time at the Penny household. I suppose I'm not being a good Mom blogging and netting in the middle of it, but Kel has the bean and Two movies in a row is hard for a busy-bee like me. We had pizza and ice cream, Noelle will get some later by proxy... ya know. Right now we are watching Desperaux and we just finished Fantasic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer.

Motherhood is pretty good, the only real issue we are having is Noelle's weight. We switched to a Pediatrician today and he got her back on the ol scale. She is 3 weeks and 3 days and still 9oz below her birthweight. Additionally she has lost weight but grown 1.5 inches. So the dr said this is concerning, not alarming, but concerning. I hate that we're having this struggle. I am doing my best with feeding her (although middle of the night feedings are sort of hazy) But It'll be okay. I'd just rather not be having this concern at all.

Life is going to get pretty crazy coming up here. Sunday evening we leave for two weeks in Oklahoma City and then a few days after that we leave for two weeks in Michigan. For a time this was stressing me out but I am trying to make my peace with it.

Having a baby is such a huge event, I feel like I am missing out on the spiritual beauty of it because I am wrapped up too much in the details. I need to turn the TV off more, spend more time learning her, I feel like feeding her is a dance between the two of us and we need to learn each other. I feel like my blogs are so disjointed, sorry, focus isn't there right now but there are small fireflies of truth, I Just gotta grab up and use them to light up life.

Alright back to family night.

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johnandjill said...

Hey Leanne- I know this is a delayed comment, but I just wanted to leave one so you know I'm still keeping up with your blog! I love reading what you write. :)

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