Thursday, June 4, 2009

First mom-blog

Believe it or not, this is not the first time I've tried to blog since Noelle's arrival. I am doing so great, and loving motherhood and really everything that comes with. We have been home from the hospital two weeks today, and Noelle is two days more than two weeks old (16 days for those of you who can't read my typed math) I was so worried about postpartum depression given my families history of depression and anxiety but so far no sign of it. I am really doing well, not that I pretend everything is perfect or that we are in the clear for any of it but so far God has given me the grace for each day and that's all I am asking for :-)

There are so many people out there, who read this blog and who don't that I wish I could introduce to our lovely baby girl who is snuggling on my lap, but I am so thankful for the communication options we have in place.

So my days are all Mom ish now, and I am at home a lot, a lot a lot. I am still recovering from major surgery I know but I want my energy levels back NOW, I need them more than ever now. But I have to have patience, boo patience. We went to WalMart but that wore us out two days ago, 20 minutes in walmart put me flat on my back. So that's what I am working with right now. Not typical for Leanne at all.

Not to mention that in two days my Mom comes, then we go to Oklahoma city for nearly two weeks. Then a few days after we get back from that we go to Michigan for two weeks. Wow, then it's middle of July. I am not ready for the busy-ness of that.

Well I should go continue to be productive. Hi from my patch of Oklahoma to you, enjoy your day.

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