Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Booger Grace

Yes booger grace, this post has been a long time coming and I've been turning the phrase and concept of booger grace over in my head for at least a month.

You will understand what I am talking about soon enough. Allow me to paint you a picture from my everyday life. I am doing something around the house while Noelle plays in the other room, in this picture she is playing with an actual toy and not the computer, the toilet, or my hairbrush. So anyway, she stops what she is doing and runs up to me, throwing her little arms around my legs until I bend down and give her a big hug. Then she utters the words that every mom loves to hear, "I love you mommy." Wow, we live for these little moments right? What in the world could spoil it? You guessed it, I spot a booger poking out of her nose. In this moment I have two choices, ignore the booger and just soak in the toddler love that it being so freely given. Or end the happy moment immediately by attempting to remove the booger as Noelle protests and runs away screaming "no!"

Sadly to say folks I go for the booger every time and spoil the beauty of the moment. I have to go after the one little green crusty thing that is wrong. It's almost compulsive. Here is another example, we have a beautiful pond behind our house, it's lovely in the morning and evening when the sun makes it dance. However right on the other side of our back yard is a squeaky rusty oil rig, and I can't enjoy the pond when the sunsets because I see the oil rig. I can't have booger grace in that moment either.

The truth of the matter is that if you look hard enough most every moment has a booger or two. Maybe someone gave you a fabulous gift, just not in the color that matches your living room color scheme. Or your husband cleans your kitchen, but there is still a bit of food on the floor and exploded soup crust in the microwave. If you can't learn to have booger grace you will miss so much beauty in your life because you focus on the little negative instead of the positive. A lack of booger grace can stop you from have a close intimate marriage, make your kids feel inadequate and leave your lacking in close friendships.

Because when you fail to give grace to people and keep picking at every little thing, eventually they all run away screaming no. Trust me. No one likes the booger patrol.

So think about it, how can you have more grace for the tiny sticky insignificant boogers in your daily life?

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