Saturday, April 30, 2011

Butterfly Circus

My husband made me sit down and watch this tonight and even though I considered myself too busy to be bothered with it I am glad I gave in. If you have a few minutes or so check out this short film. I am pretty sure that the people behind it weren't going for a biblical message necessarily but I am a firm believer that all truth is God's truth and the redemption and restoration shown in the characters of this short film line up exactly with what God does in our lives.

I am reminded of this story from the life of Jesus. Check out John 9 and you will read about a man who is born blind. Back in Jesus day if a baby was born with defects it was assumed that the parents had sinned and caused it. The teachers of Jesus day asked him who had sinned and was to blame for this man's blindness. Jesus skirts right around that question, which I love, because when it comes to the pain in life, why is irrelevant. It changes nothing. It's all about how our pain and struggle can glorify God, bring wisdom and peace to others and make us stronger so we can strengthen each other.

Good stuff right there.

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