Sunday, November 30, 2008

Just plain update

Well here I am on the couch Sunday night. With the smell of Christmas all around and the glow of the Christmas tree. We're watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition I am crying already.

Life has been beautiful lately, painful at moments, and then some epiphanies. Being pregnant is great, but also a struggle at moments. I am trying to redo how I define myself as successful. I can't weight my worth by being thin and sexy in that way. I have to re-figure worth to me in that way. I'm getting bigger and having a baby. My body is now beautiful in other ways. And I am working on being okay with that, but it's hard for me and I know that's hard for some people to understand.

I get to go home for Christmas, over the new year. I can't wait to step off the plane and see the faces of the people that I love. To just hug and laugh with those that I love.

I'm distracted but here are some updates. Love. Leanne

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