Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday Night Update.

Well here we are, Tuesday night. We are not in our house at all yet, although it's completely finished. Red tape will get you every time. There is a good chance that we will be able to move in this weekend. But we won't close until next week, but I suppose closings get pushed back often. Am I pissed??? I mean... I was supposed to be in last weekend and close last friday... but no dice. Whatever, it will close eventually...I hope. I know... it will...

The Penny's life is moving along otherwise. I am sitting on my couch after some Italian takeout from Papa Gjorgio's here in town. I also had a pudding cup. I'm trying to get my calcium intake up for bebe'. I am watching the biggest loser, which is pretty much my favorite show on air right now. I love top chef but we don't get bravo in Ada, or comedy central. Vicki is crazy, if you watch biggest loser you know what I mean... totally. We eat a lot of takeout these days, we are in transistion and our kitchen is barely functional for us so I don't really have to motivation to cook. Also I never know what my pregnant tastebuds want for dinner until the moment of eating, so takeout is a safer bet. We keep it healthy though.

Kel is in Norman right now, he will be there for the whole evening. So I am all solo tonight, which isn't so bad. The heat is out in our house, so I also went out to buy a space heater because I am frigging freezing. I might start working on some christmas cards. I am totally for sure going to crack on on NBC programming, so sue me, I know my brain would be better of with other things... lol... I'll get to those things.

Much Love to you reader.


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