Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bread and Water in the everyday

Like the new look?  I'll assume you do and so do I.  The hidden penny "where's waldo style" banner is the new norm and it will change with the seasons and my whims.  For now please enjoy these zinnias, they are the only thing besides basil that survived in our garden this stifling summer. 

Every time I am blessed to witness a baptism celebration, I cry, regardless of how well I know the people being baptized.  No matter what emotion I came into church with, the moment always brings me to tears because of the deep and powerful moment in front of me.  I also cry nearly every time I take communion and I think these tears come out of a very thankful place, deep inside of me.  This well of thankful tears springs up to God because he is so alright with my humanity that he gave me the simple but powerful practice of both baptism and communion.

If you were to make out a list of things you do on a daily basis, I can assure you that eating and washing yourself would make the cut.  Some of you may eat and wash more or less than others, but the basic human need is still a common thread we share.  So when God gave us the gift of Baptism and Communion he centered them around everyday elements and in doing so they have a not so simple impact on us.  They are multi-faceted and can serve to connect us to God no matter where we are when we approach them.  

The reason that we shower and or bathe on a daily basis is that we pick up grungy stuff as we go through a day of life.  The same is true with sin, each day we live life on this earth, some sinful moments will stick to us.  The beauty in baptism is that we don't have to repeat this practice daily, weekly, or even annually.  What we must do, however, is remember our baptism and all that it means in our daily sin-sticky lives.  Our sins are forgiven and when we take time to talk to God about it we have that fresh out of the shower feeling knowing that he washes away our sins always and permanently.  

Communion for me is a sweet reminder every time I walk up to the table.  It uses the elements of bread and wine as a reminder of our daily and constant need to be fed through the sacrifice of Jesus.  There are so many facets to the gift of communion and one thing I always remember when I approach the communion table is the promise not only of forgiveness but of restoration.  No matter how broken I feel that day, God always reminds me that he is in the process of healing the broken pieces I see scattered across my life.  I live in a world that is full of the love and hope of God, but still waiting for the full promise to be realized.  

And so I fall in love with my God over and over again through the simple elements of bread, wine and water.  He loves me enough to give me tangible pictures to bridge the gap between us.  I so easily forget the freedom I have in him and  I lose sight of his promise to heal our broken world.  And so when I see someone washed in the water, or I walk up and eat the bread and wine, I remember my God who loves me exactly where I am, and I am amazed and how willing he is to meet us in the everyday places.  

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