Thursday, September 8, 2011

Change Day

Fall finally came, and no matter what the temperatures do in the next few weeks I have gotten enough autumn on my skin to remind me that the seasons do change.  If I look back in my life I can assure you that God has 100% track record of changing the seasons.  And I have also observed that as each season ends there is a "change day."  A change day is that day at the very beginning of a new season where everyone emerges from their houses or cars in total shock that it actually happened.  On the change day of spring we roll down our windows and marvel at tulip and hyacinth bulbs popping up from the cool wet soil.  On the change day of winter we all break out our scarves and coats and no matter where you go it seems like a crazy colorful wool fashion show.  I love change days and they are some of my favorite days of the year.  

Last night we were driving around town running a few errands.  Returning a disc of Big Bang Theory, which is the funniest show ever and I want Jim Parsons to be my kooky cousin.  You should watch it if you don't.  You'll thank me.  Anyway, back to errands: we rolled down the windows and listened to music just soaking in the breezes and smells.  As we drove I felt myself start to unwind and breathe deep and as I sank blissfully into my seat I wondered what is it about human nature that causes us to freak out and believe that whatever season we are in will last forever?  Why are we so often surprised that God faithfully changes the seasons and carries us through?  

Well the simple answer to this question is just that we are drawn to doubt and cynicism like moths to a flame or kids to bubbles and sidewalk chalk.  Can you tell I live in pre-school land?  I buy chalk and bubbles in bulk.  Anyway, doubt and despair are clearly part of our fallen and human make up, and so season change in both our weather and our lives always comes as a shock.  But He is just so faithful and always provides for our needs no matter how hot or dry our season is.  

The one difference between weather change and life change is that you can't do anything about changing the weather but often you have to do something about changing the season of your life.  Not always, but often.  I think this is a concept that we are not born with.  We tend to look at good things other people have, like physical health, a strong marriage, financial smarts or good parenting skills and we think that they are special people who have mad skills that we were jipped on.  This is false.  They have learned to do work that we are not doing to achieve some great stuff that we haven't yet.   We can get there, but you have to pack up and decide to go.  As soon as we realize this we can start gathering knowledge and support and doing the work that needs to be done to bring ourselves into a healthier season.  Which is worth it 100% of the time.

For example, Kel and I have gotten some compliments on our marriage lately.  Every time I receive any words of praise in this area, I just bounce it right up to God and give him credit.  It was through faithfully implementing his teachings into the way we do life with each other that lead us out of a really hard season and into a much healthier one.   We bought a marriage book, and we went to counseling, we poured a glass of wine after the kids went to bed, turned off the tv and talked through our junk.  I accepted that he isn't a morning person and he learned not to actually growl at me when he wakes up.  We each moved toward each other and started living with a new attitude.  We learned that love was all about putting what was best for others before what we wanted for ourselves.  And lo and behold, one morning we woke up and realized that the season had changed.  God was faithful and he brought us through a desert, yet another desert of life.

So my prayer for you is this, that you can find the tools you need to change your season and if you are already doing it, I pray that one day very soon you will wake up to your change day.  I also pray you go out and buy something appley and pumpkiny and embrace the beauty of fall as well as the current healthy seasons of your life.  It's all about the little moments that we have today, they make up the big picture of our life.  

Thank you for reading.  I would love to hear about your love of seasons and change both weather and otherwise.   

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