Friday, September 16, 2011

This world has nothing for me

Right now I am staying with some friends and they are in the "grown and flown" stage of life.  The stage of life where your children have launched from the nest and are following Gods call in their own adult lives.  A stage where things stay generally where you put them and you don't find little people ponies in your bathroom sink and blocks in your dryer.  This morning after I finally figured out how to use the coffee maker, I found myself admiring the tasteful decorations and thoughtfully organized kitchen.  Especially the spice cupboard, I sipped coffee and gawked in awe at the myriad of spices to be had.  I am not materialistic but spices are the... spice of life? Sorry I had to.

I wondered if this made me materialistic and if I was somehow wrong.  I wasn't feeling discontent with my current stage, but more looking through a window into a stage that awaits me someday.  This took me back to a moment I had in church earlier this week, we were singing a song with the lyrics: "This world has nothing for me, I will follow you."  Instead of just singing these words and allowing myself to get distracted by who was wearing what (Maybe I am materialistic, or just high strung)  Whatever I am I took a long moment to ponder those words in light of my own life and what I love.

"This world has nothing for me, I will follow you."  I am following him but my mind starting drifting to good conversations, beautiful mountain views, hearty meals enjoyed with friends, and the feeling I get every morning when I get my daughter out of bed.  All these things are happening in the world and they are feeding my soul.  And I am positive they are good things, God things.  Then I figured it out, I was able to frame it in a way that brought clarity and understanding.  If you are loving God's way, they things that bring you joy are happening on this earth, but they are really more heaven than earth.  

This is our father's world and when we view the world through that lens, the things we love are eliciting that feeling because they are pieces of heaven.  My moments of joy are direct gifts from my father and so as long as I don't define myself with stuff and I know who I really am in him, then I am finding heaven on this earth.  Originally this world was heaven, it was eden and we were in direct and daily contact with God.  Even though it has all fallen, when are living in his love you can start to see pieces of how it was and how it will be again.  And when you choose to channel that love in your own life you get to bring heaven to earth.  There is no greater calling than this.

So when we are living in connection to our Father, his world is filled with bits and pieces of heaven.  

I hope that you see some heaven in your earth today and better yet that you bring some heaven into someone else's world.  

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