Sunday, September 4, 2011

Choosing Joy 9-4-11

I got to go on a sunrise walk with the little man this morning.  I pushed him in the strolled and in turn he held my water bottle.  It was a really good system.  As we strolled I thought through all the ways big and small that God has given me joy this past week.  These days I am full of faith and optimism both for my future and that of my family.  God has placed the right people in my life these days and they encourage me in very specific and necessary ways.  I don't want for anything I need right now, although I lack a lot of things I would like.  God is teaching me every day to simplify and be thankful.  

This week has definitely been a week that highlighted who my home team is, those people who have my back and want God things for my life.  I hope you are thankful for a home team too, those people who cheer for you and will catch you when you fall.  Who know what you like and what makes you smile.  You should thank those people, and maybe make them a pie.  Especially if I am on your home team, because I love pie.

I think I can sum it up best with these Jesus Culture Lyrics

Come away with me, Come away with me
It's never too late, it's not too late
It's not too late for you

I have a plan for you
I have a plan for you
It's gonna be wild
It's gonna be great
It's gonna be full of me

Yeah That right there, that is how life feels right now.  I feel renewed and optimistic, on a journey of great importance with a faithful God who knows my every nook and cranny and knows very well what we are capable of.  And no matter who you are you are capable of greatness in this specifically unique way that blows my mind.   You should probably download that song immediately.  

So here are the big, small, normal and quirky ways that I have chosen joy in the day to day.

1) The Phantom Puzzle:  
Nothing lightens the mood of a serious living room quite like a random horse whinny
For my daughters birthday this year my Aunt Betsy sent down this great animal puzzle.  Kids love it because when you put each animal puzzle piece in the correct spot, it makes that animal's noise.  IE: The dog barks, the fish bubbles, etc.  This puzzle doesn't stop there, oh no, it will randomly make noises at any time of day, when the play room is clean and no one is around it will still sound out a random bark or chirp.  Cracks me up every time.  I think they did it on purpose to give the parents random enjoyment as well.  

2.  A full fridge
Please feel free to draw conclusions about who I really am based on my fridge contents...
I am always walking the line between being frugal and ensuring good nutrition for my family.  Fresh food isn't cheap and so anytime I go to open the fridge and find it overflowing with fruits and vegetables I breathe a little prayer of thanks for God's provision.  This week we got to take a trip to the grand opening of Sunflower Farmers Market in OKC and that accounts for a good deal of our current fridge contents.  Great grocery store, check it out!

3. Football Season
I think I am pretty good Oklahoma wife... Although the "for realsies" Okie dressed the kids today.
I'm too easily distracted to be any good at watching football, however I am great at making snacks and snarky comments so generally I do pretty well for myself.  What I love about football season is that it's a reason to get together with people, share food and get excited about something.  It's a reason to gather and if you don't stake your happiness on the outcome (which a lot of people do) you are guaranteed to have a great time.

4.  Brunette Hair (as seen in picture above) Lets face it, I wasn't cut out to be a blonde and it turned my hair to straw, so after a couple hours of salon therapy with my hair guru Emily  I am one happy dark headed lady and my time at the salon was pure heaven.  If I ever tell you I am going blonde again please poke me in the ribs with sticks until I come to my senses.  

5.  Our Lifegroup
Cookout by the lake in 100 degree heat made somehow fun by these fine folks.
We are new to this group but I can tell you that God is already using them to speak into our life in a big way.  Last Sunday I didn't want to attend our group's cookout because it was over 100 degrees outside this may come as a shock to you but, I hate heat.  My mood immediately changed upon arrival because no one was cranky about ludicrous temp, so I shut up and joined in.  After we left I think I told Kel how much I enjoyed myself at least 2 dozen times.  I love doing life with people, and I am really falling in love with doing life with these people.  

6.  Knock Knock Jokes- I was cleaning up cheerios of the floor (this is my real full time job) this week when this started.  Apparently my daughter has learned the art of the knock knock joke.  And when a 2 year old tells you a knock knock joke, they always have the same punch line.  At least my daughter does.  Knock Knock, Who's there?  She is! every time.  I have no idea where she picked up knock knock jokes.. but they make me smile every time.

7.  Surprise Gifts-  When I came back from the city Wednesday night, with my van full of the aforementioned groceries and new kid shoes, my husband had a surprise all for me.  The best gift he could give me right now, other than maybe a nanny, and that's my own laptop for writing.  He ordered me a mac book, a gift full of frivolity and generosity.  He wanted to show me that he takes my writing seriously and so he gave me a tool to do it on, and specifically an apple lappy, which he knows I would love.  The Kel is an endless spring of joy for me, and apple products are just the icing on the cake.  Although, they are very thick rich icing.  Maybe even ganache.  

8.  This Forecast- 

It had to happen and I think the winds of change have found us!  Look at those glorious eighties!  If this pattern continues I will be sipping coffee outside in jeans and a hoodie in no time!  We are living in faith that the 95 day on the end will just go away and that 2011 will not see another temperature with three digits or that starts with 9.  Come on God, please?

9)  The Henson Family- 

I think I could put this on each and every week because this family adopted us when we needed it the most.  Not many people get adopted at the age of 26 but God knew what we needed then and now.  Grandma Sandy and Grandpa Dave, along with their awesome sons make us feel like we belong.  They spoil our kids with frozen yogurt and new shoes and I feel so much stronger with their support than I ever could without them.  It just solidifies my newly forming belief that even when the worst happens and you lose the irreplaceable, God provides.  

9.  Man on the Move
If you are under 5, pants are optional at the casa
The little man has found his groove and I never know where I will find him as he rolls and reverses his way around the house.  Although odds are it's usually halfway stuck under the couch.  He can't resist.  

10.  Garage Sale Finds

Cleaned up gilded mirror tray (little fall votives are ala Target)
We are a young family and I am at home with the kids, so it goes without saying that we are on a budget.  So I have taken to free blog tutorials and garage sales for our home decor pieces.  I am ridiculously lucky that "shabby chic" is in right now.  Yesterday after Kel made our Peach French Toast breakfast we loaded up and cruised our town for garage sales.  We ended up with this antique gold mirrored tray, a handful or antique spools, a little pink chair for Noelle and cheap kid shoes, which as we all know the Holy grail of garage sale shopping if you are a parent.  Because kid feet grow an average of 6 inches a month.  Or at least it seems like that.

So yeah, this week was all about people for me, I love my people.  I am thankful to be surrounded by lovely individuals and I hope that I am able to support you all as well as you support me.  I hope that this Holiday weekend finds you surrounded and thankful.  Know that I am thankful for you.  Now go Labor Dabor with your people and grab a fine piece of Joy.  It's ripe for the picking if you look.

And yes I know there are two nines.  A)  Math has never been my strong suit and B) I didn't want to go over ten so I doubled up on nine.  Deal with it.  

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